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I lost it at the end.

Okay, I had to check out the Van Eyck thing. I was a bit in denial because, come on, every single person can’t look like President Putin!

There are no words to describe how wrong I was.

Reblogging this for my art history class this semester


The art historian in me had to reblog this.


Extremely proud to present you all with the official poster for the musical ‘La Petite Fille Aux Allumettes’ - ‘The Little Match Girl’, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale.

The musical will premier in France, February 2015.

I would like to thank David Rozen, David Rebouh, Pierre Hélie and everyone at ‘Double D Productions’, brilliant composers and lyricists Julien Salvia and Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal and the rest of the artistic team working on the musical for letting me be a part of it.

תודה רבה, merci beaucoup, Thank you very much!

Little bit of Caleo because the end of BoO was so not satisfying.  

Inktober | Day 10


The Ghost King is here!

Happy Birthday Burdge! I think I speak for a lot of people when I say you’ve been an inspiration. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and beautiful artwork! 


Never drawn Ginny before, so I figured Burdge's birthday was a good enough reason to try it out 😁 Happy Birthday Burdge!!

Tangled + character evolution

Hogwarts houses posters

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